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Tasmanians and tourists love Cradle Mountain. It is one of the most accessible places in Tasmania, and all Tasmanians can be very proud of the developments at Cradle Village and the eco-friendly infrastructure that has been put in place over recent years in the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park to help visitors gain better access and to enjoy the sights.

Cradle Valley attracts more than 225,000 visitors each year, which is excellent. However, this large number of visitors also places pressures on the fragile alpine environment and stretches the resources of the Parks and Wildlife Service, which could, if not well managed into the future, impact on the natural values of the Valley.  

The Tasmanian State Government has a duty of care and an overall responsibility to provide adequate guaranteed funding for Parks services, but unless it is continually reminded of Cradle's needs, this responsibility seems sometimes to become lost among other causes.  

The Friends of Cradle Valley community advocacy group provides an independent public voice for Cradle Valley, and a supportive milieu for people of all ages and from all walks of life to raise issues relevant to the well-being of this very special place.

If you have an interest in Cradle Valley and its surrounding landscape please join us. Membership of the Friends of Cradle Valley is free, although donations to assist with the costs of administering the Group and maintaining our website are always welcome.      

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