John Wilson and Peter Sims, having received their awards from Helen Thyne.
John Wilson and Peter Sims, having received their awards from Helen Thyne
Marilyn Spinks


Peter Sims is a very well-known Tasmanian and regarded with awe among the supporters of conservation.

His love of the Tasmanian wilderness began in his younger days with the North West Walking Club. It quickly blossomed to include not only a love for the natural environment but to a life of strong activism to conserve the natural environment across the state. In 1964 Peter became the Secretary of the Save Lake Pedder National Park Committee and played a major role in the campaign. Peter remained as Secretary for the full duration of the campaign. This campaign was the beginning of the Conservation movement in Australia with Peter being one of the earliest leaders.

Later highly successful campaign activism involved the inclusion of the Walls of Jerusalem within the National Park system, the preservation of the Tarkine wilderness and documentation of the history, culture and rock art of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

Peter also became a leader within the conservation movement, particularly in relation to the Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) and the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. Peter is now a life member of the TCT.

Through his work, Peter has become a prolific author on conservation, Aboriginal culture and local history. Publications include Lake Pedder: the awakening, Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and The Norfolk settlers of Norfolk Island and Van Diemen’s Land.

In his later years Peter and his partner Dr John Wilson have given sterling support to the Friends of Cradle Valley while enjoying their property at Daisy Dell. In 2017 the Tasmanian Land Conservancy purchased the Daisy Dell Reserve which adjoins Peter and John’s property with significant financial support from Peter and John. Their own property has now been gifted to the TLC in their wills to build on the existing reserve.

Peter Sims justly deserves to be included in The Kate and Gustav Weindorfer Honours List by the Friends of Cradle Valley.